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My most popular ring with a warm vintage patina and more meticulous texturing. It has a rich blacksmiths organic antique 200 year old style, making each one unique.

Solid 4x2mm (not hollow) profile with 1/2 round sporran key accent added to reflect the blood of my blood inspiration ring.

Its perfect for everyday wear, you need never take it off.  Stainless steel is safe for even the most sensitive skin and will never change color or irritate your skin. Made from Medical grade stainless, the same used for joint replacements, super lightweight.

S H I P S : 1st class USPS with delivery confirmation that you can track all the way.

G I F T W R A P : Arrives wrapped in a ring gift box ready for giving.

S I Z E S : 9 ***Wider bands generally require going up 1/2 - 1 whole ring size larger. I suggest being sized with a similar 4mm band at any jewelry store to ensure comfortable and correct fit.

E N G R A V I N G :  Select from drop down menu if you like.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

© Copyright ALL pictures, listings and designs are the sole ownership of the Artist and may not be duplicated in any form under any circumstance.

Sporran Key Band - 4x2mm - Rustic Stainless Steel

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