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The Red String of Protection against the ever present Evil Eye. 😀 ಠ‿↼. Recognized and used as a sign or talisman of protection in many societies throughout history, now in a wish bracelet.

In Colonial America it was called the Stink Eye. In Hebrew it’s called ayin ha’ra. In Italian, mal ochio, in Spanish, mal ojo, in Farsi, bla band.

It your own your interpretation and everybody needs a little eternal love and looking out for sometimes ;)

Your choice of hand tied Eternity or Infinity knots in 1mm cotton cording. (also available in Black cotton)

Tie in your preference of a bow or knot. Each bracelet is suspended on its own make a wish card, reading:

Close your eyes and make a wish.
Then tie this bracelet on your wrist.
When your bracelet cord wears through,
your secret with will soon come true.

They make great gifts for Parties, Family, Book Club, Birthdays, Weddings, Teachers, Showers or when you just need a little something

Choose cord preference from the drop down menu. See my shop for these bracelets in Leather options as shown in the last pics. or

OR his and hers red Eternity cord set,

Made in USA, your bracelet (s) will be made at time of order and ship via USPS first class with tracking/delivery confirmation that you can track all the way.

Thank you.

Red Cord of Protection - Make a Wish Bracelets

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