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Solid Sterling silver pattern band with your choice of accent.  Warmly oxidized to bring out the meticulous pattern and details. 


Mermaids, Dragons, Ouroboros, Basilisk - choose your own inspiration.


Band Dimensions: .046" x .155" (1.17 x 3.94mm) cross section adds over all width


Select accent:

1 - sterling

1  - 14kgf

3 -  sterling wraps like the band shown last

3  - 14kgf wraps like the band shown last


SHIPS: USPS first class with delivery confirmation that you can track door to door.
GIFT WRAP: Arrives in a gift box like the one shown, ready for giving.

Thank you.


© Copyright and intellectual property - ALL pictures, listings and designs are the sole ownership of the Artist and may not be duplicated in any form under any circumstance.

Pattern Band - Solid Sterling - 14kgf or .925 accent

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