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Solid Sterling Silver 3.25 mm band and bar necklacewith filigree thistle style leaves and petite bud pattern.  Warmly oxidized for depth to reflect the Blood of my Blood style ring in this classic design.  This is the best of both styles from the literature and adaptation combined.  Fabulous!

Contemporary mixed metals with three 14kgf accent wraps added representing Past, Present, Future.   Meticulous detailing, vintage flavor, this band perfect for everyday wear.
Ring or the set.  Artisan made in USA.  Each piece is made one piece at a time at time of order.  The pendant is suspended with 18" .925 box chain shown.

The pattern is 3.25ms wide and pictured very close to show details.  Its approximately the width of 2 nickels.

SHIPS:  via USPS with delivery confirmation that you can track all the way.
GIFT WRAP:  It will arrive wrapped in gift box ready for giving.

*Gold-filled jewelry should last decades or longer! as opposed to gold-plated, which has such a thin layer of gold that it starts to rub off after a short time.  It is nickel-free, and is made by heat- and pressure-bonding a thin layer or tube of karat gold to a brass core. 14Karat gold covers the brass surface, making it tarnish-resistant.  The value of gold-filled is greater than gold-plated because gold-filled has an actual layer of karat gold, not just a microscopic film.  My customers with sensitive skin love it, because it doesn’t bother their sensitive skin.

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Past Present, Future - Sterling silver with gold accents

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