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Craig na Dun Stone Circle  bracelet.  Fun for anyone, tie in a bow or in a knot.  Perfect for any fan, book club or just because you need to "get away" and travel through time.


The card reads:

Close your eyes and make a wish,

then tie this bracelet on your wrist. 

When your bracelet cord wears through,

your secret with will soon come true.


(or it will be 1743 Scotland and Jamie will be there)

$2.45 for 1
$7.00 for 3
$10.75 for 5
$22.00 for 10


Assorted natural colors, black cording and each bracelet tied to its own wish card.  The card measures approximately 2.5 x 2.5 inches. 



USPS first class with delivery confirmation you can track all the way.

Outlander Make Wish Bracelets - Stone Circle

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