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8 oz hand poured soy candles each with a their unique essence of their name.  Topped with assorted make a wish bracelets and instructions:


Close your eyes and make a wish,

then tie your bracelet on your wrist.

When your bracelet cord wears through

your secret with wiClaill soon come true.


(or it will be 1743 Scotland and Jamie will be waiting)


Creamy white wax in proprietary outlander scents select:


Cabins and Kilts - Leather, some cedar .....

Claires Apothecary - notes of sage,  lemongrass and more....

Frasers Ridge -  You'll love the oaky, pine and more ......

Highland Mist - Fresh clean, hints of mint.....

Tell the Bees -  Delicate florals and honey.....


45-60 hours of burning time, keep wicks trimmed 1/4 inch and never leave candles unattended. 


Select your favorite for bath time, book time, wee dram time or just because they smell amazing. 





Clandles with Outlander Wish Bracelet

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$12.00Sale Price
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