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The wood has a beautiful light brown, blonde caramel color and rich chestnut colors with these amazing striped circular growth rings. These beautiful handmade beads are made from cured Olive Wood, which is a beautiful natural light weight wood.


History of Olive Wood. The olive tree is traditionally a symbol of peace and health. Noah's dove is said to have returned from a search for dry land with an olive branch in its beak. ... They were, and still are today, a major symbol of Christian tradition. Or to quote Willies grandmother in Outlander "stinking papists"


Hand knotted Leather in your choice of Natural, Black or Brown leather cording.  Wear as a Necklace or wrap bracelet, its 26" length is adjustable through the two sliding knots.


Worn by both men and women alike, olive wood is often used in rosaries or malas for prayer.  The significance of the 3 beads representing the Holy Trinity, Past-Presnt-Future, I Love You, Live-Laugh-Love or your interpretation.


Wear alone or stack with others, Your will be made and ship via USPS first class with delivery confirmation.


Olive Wood Necklace OR Wrap Bracelet

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